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Nokia E71

Step-by-step instructions on getting your Queen's Email set-up, are provided for your Nokia E71 mobile.  Note: These instructions are still being finalised, so if you have worked through the instructions (trying all options), but are still not able to connect to your Queen's email account, contact the Computer Helpdesk for advice.

  • On your phone, go to ‘Menu’ and select the item 'Communic', and then ‘Messaging’.
  • Select ‘Options’, and then move to ‘Settings’.
  • Select the option for ‘Email’ and then select the ‘Options’ item.
  • Scroll to and select ‘New Mailbox’.

A wizard will start to assist you with setting up your email.

  • Select 'Start', choose ‘Allow connections’ and select ‘Orange Internet’.

Note: Depending on how your account is currently setup, try either Option 1 and/or Option 2 to find out which settings apply to you and your Windows phone:

Option 1 Option 2
Email Address:
Server Address:
Domain: ads
Username: student number
Password: same as your Queen’s Online password
Email Address:
Server Address:
Domain: leave blank
Username: student
Password: same as your Queen’s Online password

  • Select ‘Email’, and then input your Queen's email and password. On the next screen, enter a ‘Username’ (try option 1 first).

You will see a message telling you you need to select an application to define the account.  A menu will be displayed with the options 'Pop3/IMAP4' and 'Mail for exch'.

  • Select ‘Mail for Exch’, then set a Domain (try option 1 first)
  • Set the Mail for Exchange Server Name (try option 1 first) and then allow the 'Mail for Exch' installer to proceed by using the option 'Continue'.
  • Set the access point to ‘Orange Internet’.
  • Change ‘sync while roaming’ to ‘No’.
  • Move sideways on the menu, and choose to sync your calendar as well.
  • On the option below that, choose to remove items from the phone.  Note: This is for the initial sync only.
  • Go to ‘Options’ and then choose ‘Save’.
  • Change the ‘default mailbox’ to ‘Mail for Exch’.
  • Return to the main menu.

Your Queens email ('Mail for Exch') should now be available from 'Communic', and then the 'Messaging' menu.  If not, try option 2.  If your Queen's email account is still not set-up contact the Computer Helpdesk for advice.

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