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Semester Dates

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View the semester dates for:

2014-15 academic year

2015-16 academic year

2016-17 academic year

Study Abroad Students may apply to attend for:

  • Full Year (mid September to early June)

  • Semester One - full semester (mid September to late January)*

  • Semester One - teaching period only (mid September to late December)*

  • Semester Two (late January to early June)

* The examination period for Semester One takes place in January after the Christmas vacation.  Students applying for Semester One, who are required to recommence their studies at their home university in early January, may apply to attend for the Semester One teaching period only.  Alternative assessment arrangements are available for these students.  For modules in Humanities and Social Science subjects, students are normally asked to submit additional essays or coursework in lieu of the final examination.  For modules in Business, Engineering or Science subjects, the final examination is normally proctored at the student's home university on the scheduled date in January.