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ICT Facilities

Students have access to over 1,700 PCs across campus

Queen’s University provides an environment where students can blend the use of University and personal ICT facilities to create an individualised student learning experience.

We provide all students with:

  • An email account and online storage that is accessible both on and off campus. 
  • An online learning platform, Queen’s Online, which gives access to a range of services and resources to support your learning.
  • Access to over 1,700 PCs based in 20 centres across the campus.
  • Access to a significant number of PCs and laptops in The McClay Library.
  • Access to a secure wireless network within the Students' Union, libraries and major catering areas, as well as many areas which provide 'transition zones' that blur the boundaries between learning and social computing activity.
  • High speed (broadband) connection to our network services and the Internet from a majority of rooms in the Queen's Elms Village.


The McClay Library offers quiet study and group work facilities

Training and Support

The McClay Library hosts a number of important ICT services for students.

The ICT Shop provides access to a range of ICT accessories and can be used to purchase a laptop or netbook computer.

The ICT Helpdesk offers advice and support on how to get the best out of University and personal ICT equipment to support your learning.

Not all students are comfortable using ICT. The University recognises this, and makes available a range of training resources to develop the ICT life skills required for studying at university.

For students with good ICT skills, there are opportunities to gain an internationally recognised ICT qualification - the European Computer Driving Licence.

ICT in Teaching

ICT is also changing the nature of teaching at Queen’s. Almost all University lecture theatres have data projectors, which in some cases have been partnered with voting systems, similar to those on popular TV quiz shows. This offers more challenging and interactive teaching sessions.

There are also flexible teaching areas that can accommodate a wide range of teaching and learning styles.

You will also have access to the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that provides a gateway to learning materials and other useful information.

Queen's has also introduced a smart phone service, which provides up-to-date information about facilities available to students and events on campus. Key features include information about the location of available PCs on campus and access to your up-to-date timetable.

More information on student computing