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Science Shop

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The Science Shop provides a point of contact between community groups and the University.  It is part of the University’s Community Outreach programme and enables students from all disciplines to develop their research skills.  Community groups submit research ideas to the Science Shop and Science Shop staff find students to carry out the research as part of their course work.

The Science Shop works with undergraduates and postgraduates right across the University who are carrying out research as part of their degree.  This includes humanities, social sciences and law students as well as those studying more traditional science subjects.

A complete list of projects is available on the Science Shop website

If a student is not interested in any of the research ideas listed, but would still like to do research with one of the groups mentioned, the Science Shop may be able to support their research idea.

Working with the Science Shop students:

  • will gain experience working with a community group as part of their degree
  • will be able to show that they have carried out research for a real client – this is good for their CV
  • can choose a ready made research project or can receive support to work on their own research idea
  • will receive help in making their project suitable for dissertation requirements      
  • will get support to work with a community group, including making the first contact with the group and support in initial meetings
  • contact will be maintained during the research and extra help and support is provided
For more information about the Science Shop contact Emma McKenna or Eileen Martin on + 44 (0) 28 9097 3107/3410 or email: