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Home from Home

Parents themselves will remember what it was like to leave home for the first time so they will be aware of how their son or daughter may feel – that sense of anticipation.

For many young people, this will be their first experience of looking after themselves. Around 60 per cent of Queen’s students live away from their families.  Students coming to Queen’s from various parts of Northern Ireland will never be more than a couple of hours from home. Many who are from Belfast still opt to leave the family nest in order to become immersed in the university experience.

Elms Village bedroom


Choosing to live in student accommodation at Queen’s is the ideal way to make the transition from home to university, even perhaps to adjust to living in an unfamiliar country. And there is a high level of support for the new students as they settle in and begin to establish a balance of work and lifestyle.

The Queen’s student halls, Elms Village on the Malone Road and a short distance from the main campus, caters for 1800 students in secure apartment-style living. More than £45 million was spent over five years developing facilities at the village. Each block of apartments has three floors. Each floor is home to 11 students. Most rooms are en suite, meaning that all students have their own bedrooms and bathroom, but they share and socialise in a large kitchen and living area.

There are also standard rooms where a student has his or her own bedroom and shares a bathroom with four other students. All rooms have internet access and there are facilities such as a laundrette, shop and restaurant.

There is live-in support from our team of Community Youth Workers (CYW) and Residential Assistants (RA) whose role is to help students deal with transition issues such as settling-in, making friends, managing money and sharing communal living space.

Your son or daughter may decide to live in private rented accommodation, sharing with a small group of people. However most students live in Elms Village for the first year, if they have moved away from home, and in subsequent years may find private accommodation with the friends they will undoubtedly make.

What Elms provides

Elms accommodation is competitively priced.

As well as the accommodation itself, the fees cover:

  • Electricity and regulated central heating
  • Internet access for academic purposes via the Queen’s network
  • Weekly cleaning of communal areas during core teaching periods
  • Cooking facilities, including microwaves
  • Television in the student common rooms
  • 24/7 on-site security and reception
  • A system for signing guests in

In short, these facilities provide peace of mind for parents and students alike.

For more information see our dedicated website