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Money Matters

Students enjoying a meal

Higher education is an investment in your child’s future that can help to significantly improve their earning potential in later life. Nevertheless, we understand that university fees are one of the greatest areas of concern for parents. This is why Queen’s offers a generous scholarship scheme to students from outside Northern Ireland.

Many students and their parents see the financial side of further education as a daunting subject. Queen’s is committed to attracting the best students, from wherever they are in the world and whatever their circumstances.

The University offers competitive tuition fees and living expenses are lower than those at many similarly regarded UK universities.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are a commitment but they should not be a burden and, if required, there are various avenues of support available. They can be paid in full but there are also funding arrangements which allow students to study now and pay later, when they are working and earning more than £15,000 a year.

Full-time students from the UK and EU can apply for a loan to cover their fees, as well as a maintenance loan to cover living costs. Your son or daughter should contact the appropriate education authority - in Northern Ireland this is your local education and library board  – for the application forms.

In addition, the NI education boards provide maintenance grants to Northern Ireland full-time students from lower-income households. Queen’s also offers bursaries to ensure that students from all backgrounds can afford to make the most of their time at the university.

Scholarships of up to £2,500 for students from other parts of the UK

All students from England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands and Isle of Man are eligible for the University’s Scholarships Plus award scheme provided they meet certain criteria. The scheme offers students a discount of up to £2,500 on their tuition fees as well as other benefits including three return flights home for each year of study. For exact details visit the Scholarships Plus web page.

Scholarships are also available for international students.

Cost of living

The 2014 Mercer cost of living city rankings rank Belfast as the least expensive city in the UK in which to live. As a guide, students should allow a sum in the region of £5,500–£7,500 to cover expenses for one academic year.

Working while at Queen’s

Managing finances is one of the biggest challenges for students, and we understand that a part-time job could help your son or daughter meet the cost of university life. The Student Jobshop helps Queen’s students find appropriate part-time work to fit around their studies, although we would recommend that students do not work more than 15 hours a week.