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Fees and Funding

Students at graduation


From fees and loans, to scholarships and grants – here’s your information on the financial side of university life. 

Queen's works to ensure that all those who can benefit from a university education have the chance to do so, and a generous system of financial support is in place to help them. 

Tuition fees and financial support for 2015/16

This section outlines the different tuition fee and student financial support arrangements for students from Northern Ireland, those from England, Scotland and Wales (Great Britain), and those from the rest of the European Union. Higher education funding arrangements mean that students can study now and pay later.

Student fees can become part of a loan, available from the Student Loans Company (SLC), which will be paid back when they are working and earning more than a certain amount. 

Full-time undergraduate fees for 2015/16

Fees for full-time undergraduate students in 2015/16 are as follows:

Northern Ireland


England, Scotland & Wales



Republic of Ireland and other non-UK European countries


Sandwich year placements


Further details on residency can be found at

Tuition fee payment options

A number of options are available, in relation to the payment of tuition fees. Students may:

Defer direct payment

By applying for a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company.

Pay by Direct Debit

A minimum amount of 25 per cent of full tuition fees must be paid at enrolment,  followed by three monthly payments, November 2015 to January 2016 inclusive. This 25 per cent payment is non-refundable. The bank account holder must complete a Direct Debit mandate and return this to the Income and Student Finance Office by early October 2015. The Direct Debit scheme is only available to those who have a current account with a UK bank which is registered for the Direct Debit scheme. 

Pay full fees at enrolment

Payment can be made, at enrolment, either online, in person, or by phone, using a credit or debit card. Payment can also be made by cheque or bank transfer. Cash payments are restricted to a maximum of £300 and can ONLY be made at the Income and Student Finance Office. For full terms and conditions of the payment options, please contact the Student Helpline on +44 (0)28 9097 3223 or, for further information, refer to the Tuition Fees page

Pay using a combination of fee loan and payment

In such circumstances the payment can either be in full or by instalment using Direct Debit. Please note that 25 per cent of the tuition fee liability, due at enrolment, is non-refundable. For full details of the University’s Withdrawal Policy please refer to

Failure to pay fees

Failure to pay tuition fees, or make appropriate arrangements to pay tuition fees, by the relevant deadline, will result in the student being suspended. Students should note that if registration has been suspended, they may not proceed to the next year/stage of their programme nor, if applicable, graduate until that debt is repaid.

Tuition fees

Applying for tuition fee loans and support

Eligible students, who first enrol in September 2015, can defer their fees by applying for a fee loan. Those who wish to take out a loan should complete the PN1 application form – for details please refer to the websites below. A single application form is used for applying for a tuition fee loan, maintenance loan and government grant. The household income details submitted on this form will also be used in the assessment of a student’s eligibility for a University bursary. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to ensure that they are aware of their entitlement to financial support before starting their course.

For further information, the relevant authority should be contacted, as outlined below:

Northern Ireland








EU students are only entitled to take out a loan for tuition fees and are not eligible for UK Government grants or Queen’s bursaries. If applying through UCAS, an application form will be sent at the time an offer is made. If not applying through UCAS, an application form can be obtained, together with further details about the support available, from:

The Student Loans Company EU Team
Podium Room 38
Mowden Hall
Staindrop Road
United Kingdom


+44 (0)14 1243 3570


or refer to

Additional student financial support

Queen’s bursaries

The University’s Bursary Schemes give additional financial assistance to full-time undergraduate students. Entitlement to the bursary is based on a student’s household income. Bursary awards for students who first enrol in September 2015 have not yet been determined. Further details, however, will be available at

Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund is a discretionary fund which provides financial assistance to students who encounter financial difficulty whilst studying at Queen’s. To be eligible for an award from the Support Fund, undergraduates must have taken out the maximum tuition fee loan and maintenance loan to which they are entitled. For further information, refer to the Student Support page. 

Further information

All queries on the information provided above should be directed to the Student helpline on +44 (0)28 9097 3223. Website details for information on the above:

Income and Student Finance Office
Student Guidance Centre
Queen’s University Belfast

Regular updates on tuition fees will be provided on the University website and direct to applicants.

Queen’s Scholars – 10 full-fee scholarships

Ten full-fee scholarships are available to students from schools in Northern Ireland, designed to reward academic achievement and recognise wider social and community contributions including sports, music and the arts, business and enterprise and the community.

Queen’s Scholarships

Queen’s offers competitive Scholarships for students from Great Britain, as outlined in the table below. These unique incentives are helping current GB students get through their degrees and enjoy their time at Queen’s to the full.

Queen’s offers a wide range of scholarships that not only ease financial stress, but help with the lifestyle and travel costs of studying at university away from home.

For more information, visit the Queen’s Scholarships page.

Information about Undergraduate Scholarships for 2015 entry