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Schools Presentations

This information contains advice and guidance from our student recruitment team on applying to University. They visit many schools each year to deliver a wide range of talks including:

  • Sixth Form/Leaving Cert presentations
  • Personal Statement presentations
  • Pre-GCSE/Pre-Junior Cert presentations
  • Parents' presentations
  • UCAS presentations for career advisers in the Republic of Ireland

All of these talks can be individually tailored to meet the needs of each school or college and are designed to fit into a typical 40 minute class. Please contact us at any time throughout the year to schedule any of these presentations.

The student recruitment team also attends school or college careers events. If you would like more information about either of these please telephone 028/048 9097 5080 (048 from the Republic of Ireland) or



 Northern Ireland  Great Britain/Isle of Man  Republic of Ireland
Year 10 Year 10  
Year 12 Year 12 Pre-Junior Certificate
Year 13/14 Year 13/14 5th/6th Year
Parents Information Parents Information Parents Information
Personal Statement Personal Statement Personal Statement

Choose Queen's

Choose Queen's