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Plan 924i

“Every member of the Queen’s family can contribute to Plan 924i; together we will shape the next stage of development of our exceptional University”

At the heart of the University’s Corporate Plan will be Plan 924i where the strategic priorities are each summarised by a core numeric goal:

9 - reminding us that we will not only increase student satisfaction levels but, through this, achieve 90% progression and attainment rates for all undergraduate students by 2016

2 - reflecting our ambition to progress towards a doubling of the institutional citation score

4 - reinforcing our commitment to 4% growth in income, year-on-year, from sources other than the Government block grant

i - reflecting that internationalisation pervades all that we do and we will deliver on our plans to increase the diversity of our students and the global reputation of our research.

These institutional goals will be reflected in specific targets which will be agreed for the University and for individual Schools and Directorates. Our progress will be judged through our well established framework for Performance Management.