Practical hints and tips for students

Some practical hints and tips

Landlords and tenancy agreements

  • Make sure you read your tenancy agreement carefully and know what you have signed up to.
  • When you move in check the inventory for the property or make one if there isn't one. If anything is missing tell your landlord.
  • Make sure you know who to contact in the event of problems.

TV Licence

  • Check whether you need one or more TV licences. This will be depend on the number of TVs you have and the type of tenancy agreement.
  • Information is available from

Utility Bills

  • Make sure whether these are included in your rent or payable separately.
  • If you are responsible set up accounts with the supplier as soon as you move in (consider gas, electricity, water, telephone/broadband, digital TV).
  • Take meter readings where you can.

Recycling and Rubbish

  • Belfast City Council operates a recycling scheme. How this operates and the collection days depends on where you live.
  • Find out more information by phoning by visiting: or you could ask your neighbours.
  • Please note: If you move into a property where rubbish has been left by previous tenants contact your landlord to discuss its removal otherwise you will become responsible for it.


  • Protect your phone, photos, identity and information - Phone Smart  
  • Ensure that your home and all your property are well secured at all times.
  • Contact your landlord if you feel security arrangements are inadequate.
  • You can get property marked by the Police. Representatives will be at the Freshers' Bazaar on campus.