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Thomas Hüttemann: Miscellanea

This web site contains my private homepage. All links to external sites are for the convenince of the user; I am not responsible for the content of external websites. Some of the referenced sites may need a subscription to work properly (for example, the links to MathSciNet on my publications page are of that type).

As far as I am aware all my web pages use standard XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 features only. They should not present any problems to modern browsers. If they do, please let me know!

The correct spelling of my family name is Hüttemann. However, it is possible to avoid the umlaut by writing Huettemann by which name I am known on the Zentralblatt MATH server. In MathSciNet I can be found under the name of Huttemann. It's simple!

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Updated: 16.04.2015