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Staff/Student Consultative Committee (SSCC)


The Staff/Student Consultative Committee (S/SCC) is made up of student and staff representatives from the Theological Colleges and usually meets twice in each semester.  It is chaired by the Associate Director for Education of the Institute.  This is the forum in which students can formally express their views and raise questions regarding the work of Theology.  Any student, whether or not a member of the Committee, is welcome to raise issues for discussion and should contact either their College Adviser of Studies or any representative on the Committee.  The minutes of meetings are made available to students through display on College noticeboards and on the Institute of Theology Student SharePoint site.

Representation from each College is as follows:

 6 from Union Theological College {including one representative from each year of study}

 3 from Belfast Bible College {each from a different year of study}

 1 from Edgehill Theological College

 1 from the Irish Baptist College

 The students in each College are asked to organise the election of their representatives and forward their names, and QUB email addresses, to the Theology Office early in October of each year.  Further details are available from the Associate Director for Education.