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Teaching, Learning and Assessment

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Suspected cheating, plagiarism or other irregularities

It is an academic offence for a student to commit an act whereby he or she gains an unfair advantage.  Such acts will be dealt with in accordance with the procedures set out in the General Regulations for the University, and may lead to the Student Disciplinary Procedure being invoked.  Students should refer to Section 7. Procedure for Dealing with Academic Offences listed in the General Study Regulations.

Student Evaluation of Teaching

It is a University requirement that every school and Institute must have procedures in place for collecting student views on both teaching and modules.  These procedures will normally involve the use of at least one student evaluation questionnaire per module. 

Assessed Coursework

1. Guidelines for late submission of coursework (exceptional circumstances)
The University provides a set of guidelines which tutors use when considering the late submission of coursework.  They are not meant to be prescriptive, and tutors may still use their own judgement and discretion when deciding if an extension is warranted on the basis of the facts presented. The guidelines are available for consultation in the Theology Undergraduate Handbook which is available to students on the Theology SharePoint site.

2. Application for Exemption from late coursework marks penalty

It is University policy that students be penalised for the late submission of assessed coursework.  Currently the pentalty system is a 5% deduction from the total available marks for each working day that the assignment is late, up to a maximum of 5 working days.  If the work has not been handed in by that stage, a mark of zero will be awarded.  Students seeking exemption from the penalty on the grounds of exceptional circumstances must do so in writing, using the standard application form.  Please refer to the guidance given on the Theology SharePoint site, or through the Directorate of Academic and Student Affairs.