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Postgraduate Study


If after studying your Theology degree you would like to continue to broaden your knowledge of Theology, why not consider enrolling for a postgraduate degree.  The Institute of Theology has a very healthy postgraduate student body working part-time and full-time towards either a taught postgraduate degree (Master of Theology (MTh) or a research degree (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Opportunities are available in a wide number of areas.  For further information please contact the Institute of Theology office.  

The Graduate Diploma in Theology is available to those with a 2.i honours degree in a subject other than Theology/Divinity and may be taken by those who wish to pursue the Master of Theology, or for those who have an interest in Theology but who do not want to move onto a Master's programme of study.  The Graduate Diploma, can be taken full-time in one year, or part-time in two years.