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Undergraduate Study


Undergraduates in the Institute of Theology may study for one of the following degree programmes at Union Theological College:

Bachelor of Divinity (single honours)
Bachelor of Theology (single honours) 
Bachelor of Arts (joint honours)

All undergraduate degree courses in Theology are of three years duration (for full-time study).  Students are required to take 18 modules, normally 6 per year.  In years 1 and 2 most students will study core modules in Church History, Old and New Testament, Systematic Theology and Practical Theology.  In year 3, students can choose from a wider range of modules with minimal core requirements.  This allows students to specialise in certain areas of theology.  Bachelor of Divinity students are required to take modules in Hebrew and Greek; for other students these subjects are optional.

Theology can also be taken with another subject via the Bachelor of Arts (joint honours) degree programmes with either English, History or Philosophy. 
Students who intend to opt for joint honours degree should note that special course requirements may be needed for the other subjects of their choice.  
Access Courses 
Union Theological College offers an 'A' level in Religious Studies, usually on a Monday evening.  Please contact the College direct for further information. 

How do I make an application? 
All applications must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Servise (UCAS) except where the applicants wishes to study part-time.  In the latter case, application may be made direct to the University. Details and application forms may be obtained from the Admissions Officer, QUB. 
For Information about Theology on UCAS please click here

General Study Regulations of the University

It is very important that you read through the information specific to your pathway to ensure that you will take/or have taken the modules attached to it.  Students should also refer to the General Study Regulations of the University.  For further information on these regulations please click here