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Criminology and Criminal Justice | Research Cluster

Professor Shadd Maruna 

Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice

The research cluster in Criminology and Criminal Justice has arisen out of the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice which was originally established to play a leading role in servicing the teaching, research and policy needs of the criminal justice community in Northern Ireland. While this remains an aim of the Institute, since entering the Law School emphasis has been placed on producing research in criminology and criminal justice which is of national and international excellence and this is the central aim of the research cluster. The Northern Ireland conflict and its aftermath has proved to be a prime location for examining some of the cutting edge issues in contemporary criminology and criminal justice such as restorative justice, transitional justice, the criminology of war and responses to terrorism.


Professor Shadd Maruna
Ex-Prisoner Reintegration, Punishment and Society, Psychology of Hate, Peace Psychology


Prof Kieran McEvoy
Restorative Justice, Drugs and Social Context, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution

Prof Phil Scraton
Controversial Deaths, Disasters, Inquiries/Inquests, Children's Rights, Critical Theory, 'Truth', Prisons  

Professor Pete Shirlow
Former prisoners, political violence, ethno-sectarianism, conflict transformation, segregation and violence

Dr Anne-Marie McAlinden
Sexual Offenders, Restorative Justice, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Dr Clare Dwyer
Criminal Justice, Paramilitary ex Prisoners, Transitional Justice and Penal Policy

Dr Graham Ellison
Policing, Youth Crime and Justice, Crime and Victimisation

Ms Marny Requa
Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Transitional Justice, International Labour, Migration

Dr Hakeem Yusuf
Transitional Justice, Rule of Law, Judicial Constitutionalism, Human Rights, Legal and Political Theory.