Key School Contacts

 Head of School - Professor Wil Verhoeven
tel: +44(0)28 9097 3775   ext: 3775

Director of EducationDr Kurt Taroff
tel: +44(0)28 9097 5106   ext: 5106

Director of ResearchProfessor Mark Burnett
tel: +44(0)28 9097 3994   ext: 3994

Director of Graduate Studies: Dr Piotr Blumczynski
tel: +44(0)28 9097 3860   ext: 3860

Director of Internationalisation: Professor David Johnston
tel: +44(0)28 9097 3343   ext: 3343

School Manager: Mrs Karen Blemmings
tel: +44(0)28 9097 5309   ext: 5309

School Office - Email:  Tel: +44 (0)28 9097 3320 


Professor Michael Alcorn
Dean of Graduate Studies
Professor of Composition 
Professor Piers Hellawell
Professor of Composition
+44 (0) 289097 5202
ext 5202
Office: Music Building 
Emeritus Professor Jan Smaczny
Hamilton Harty Professor of Music 

Professor Pedro Rebelo
Professor of Composition and Sonic Arts 
+44 (0) 289097 5406
ext 5406
Office: SARC
Professor Yo Tomita
Professor of Musicology
+44 (0) 289097 5206
ext 5206
Office: Music Building 
Professor Ian Woodfield 
Professor of Historical Musicology 
+44 (0) 289097 5205
ext 5205
Office: Music Building   

Dr Trevor Agus
+44 (0) 289097 4445
ext 4445
Office: SARC

Dr Zeynep Bulut
Lecturer in Music
+44 (0)28 9097 1152
ext 1152
Office: Music Building

Mr Chris Corrigan
Lecturer in Audio Engineering
Pathway Convenor, BSc in Music Technology and Sonic Arts 
+44 (0) 289097 4830
ext 4830
Office: SARC

Dr Juliana Licinic van Walstijn
Music Co-ordinator

JAM | Junior Academy of Music
+44 28 9097 5013
Office: Music Building
Dr Simon Mawhinney 
Senior Lecturer in Music
+44 (0) 289097 5324
ext 5324
Office: Music Building
Dr Sarah McCleave 
Senior Lecturer in Music
+44 (0)289097 5207
ext 5207
Office: Music Building 
Dr Miguel Ortiz
Lecturer in Design and Prototyping
+44 (0)289097 4770
ext 4770
Office: SARC Building
Dr Franziska Schroeder 
Senior Lecturer in Music and Sonic Arts
+44 (0) 289097 1024
ext 1024
Office: Music Building

Dr David Robb
Senior Lecturer
+44(0)28 90973341
ext 5203
Room 0G/025 (G15) Music Building

Dr Paul Stapleton 
Senior Lecturer in Sonic Arts
+44 (0) 289097 5423
ext 5423
Office: SARC 
Dr Aidan Thomson 
Lecturer in Music
+44 (0) 289097 5208
ext 5208
Office: Music Building 
Dr Maarten van Walstijn
Lecturer (School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, based at SARC)
+44 (0) 289097 4842
ext 4842
Office: SARC 
Dr Simon Waters 
Lecturer in Sonic Arts
+44 (0) 289097 4069
ext 4069
Office: SARC 
Dr Kurt Werner
Lecturer in Sonic Arts
+44 (0) 289097 5488
ext 5488
Office: SARC



‌Professor Cahal McLaughlin
Chair of Film Studies
+44 (0) 289097 3634
ext 3634 
Room 01/003 21 University Sq
Dr Sian Barber
Lecturer in Film Studies
+44 (0) 289097 1142
ext 1142 
Room 02/013 21 University Sq
Dr Stefano Baschiera
Senior Lecturer in Film Studies
+44 (0) 289097 3365
ext 3365
Room 02/011 21 University Sq 
Dr Alexander Fisher
Lecturer in Film Studies
+44 (0) 289097 3450
ext 3365
Room 02/012 21 University Sq 
Dr Des O'Rawe
Lecturer in Film Studies
Convenor, MA Film
+44 (0) 289097 3677
ext 3677 
Room 03/003 22 University Sq
Mr Richard O'Sullivan
Lecturer in Film Studies
Advisor of Studies, Film
+44 (0) 289097 3567
ext 3567
Room: 02/014 21 University Square 
Dr Gary Rhodes
Lecturer in Film Studies
+44 (0) 289097 3694
ext 3694
Room 01/011 21 University Sq


‌Prof Richard Schoch
Professor in Drama
Dr Victoria Durrer 
Lecturer in Arts Management and Cultural Policy
Pathway Convenor, MA in Arts Management
+44(0)28 90973278
ext 3278
Room 01/010 21 University Sq.
Mr David Grant
Lecturer in Drama 
+44(0)28 90973329
ext 3329
Room 01/006  21 University Sq.  
Dr Eve Jeffrey
Lecturer in Drama
+44(0)28 90971280
ext 1280
Room 02/002 21 University Sq  
Dr Aoife McGrath
Lecturer in Drama
+44(0)28 90973249
QUB ext 3249 
Room 02/003 19 University Sq
Dr Paul Murphy 
Lecturer in Drama 
+44(0)28 90973402
ext 3402
Room 02/009  21 University Sq 
Dr Mark Phelan 
Lecturer in Drama
+44(0)28 90975107
ext 5107
Room 02/204 19 University Sq  
Dr Kurt Taroff 
Senior Lecturer in Drama
Director of Education 
+44(0)28 90975106
QUB ext 5106
Room 02/004 21 University Sq. 


Research Fellows  
Dr Claude Fretz
Research Fellow
Performing Restoration Shakespeare
+44 (0)28 9097 5156
QUB ext 5156 
Rm 21.01.011 21 University Sq



Dr Derek Johnston
Lecturer in Broadcast Production
+44 (0)28 9097 3814
ext 3814

Dr. John D’Arcy
Lecturer in Digital Media
+44 (0) 289097 4883
ext 4883
Room 03/012 SARC
Dr Declan Keeney
Lecturer in Broadcast Production 
Head of Broadcast Production
+44 (0) 289097 5463
ext 5463 
Room 03/015 SARC
Professor Fran Brearton
Modern Irish and British Literature
Professor Mark Burnett
Director of Research
Renaissance Literature

Professor Glenn Patterson
Creative Writing (Fiction)

Professor Estelle A.M. Sheehan
17th and 18th Century Literature; the classical tradition in English Literature
Professor Moyra Haslett
18th Century Literature

Professors Emeriti:

Professor Ciaran Carson
Director of Seamus Heaney Centre

Professor Ed Larrissy
Poetry and Irish Writing

Professor Edna Longley 
Irish and Modern Literature

Professor Hugh Magennis
Literature in Anglo-Saxon England

Professor John Thompson
Later Medieval Literature

Dr Garrett Carr
Creative Writing
Dr Marilina Cesario
Medieval Literature and Historical Linguistics
Dr Leontia Flynn
Dr Stephen Kelly
Later Medieval Literature
Dr Edel Lamb
Renaissance Literature
Dr Stefanie Lehner
Irish Literature
Dr Leon Litvack
Literature and Imperialism
Tim Loane
Creative Writing (Scriptwriting)
Dr Andrea Mayr
English Language
Dr Jimmy McAleavey
Creative Writing (Drama)
Dr Darran McCann
Creative Writing
Dr Gail McConnell
Contemporary Literature
Dr Philip McGowan
American Literature

Dr Jane Lugea
English Language and Stylistics

Dr Alex Murray
Modern Literary Studies
Dr Andrew Pepper
American Literature
Dr Michael Pierse
Irish Literature
Dr Joan Rahilly
Phonetics and linguistics; clinical speech and language
Dr Shaun Regan
18th Century Literature
Dr Marc Richards
Dr Daniel Sanjiv Roberts
Romanticism and Indian Literature in English
Dr Simon Statham
English Language 
Dr Sinead Sturgeon
Irish Literature
Dr Caroline Sumpter
Victorian Literature
Dr Ramona Wray
Renaissance Literature and Women's Writing

Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow:

Brian McAvera

Fulbright Scholars:

Tess Taylor

Marilynn Richtarik

Dr Piotr Blumczynski

Translation theory and practice; Translation of sacred, religious and devotional texts; Bible translation; Ideological aspects of translation; Translation and linguistics; Cognitive semantics; Ethnolinguistics

Dr Sarah Bowskill 

Mexican Studies with an emphasis on literature and gender studies; Mexico – US Border;  Latin American Cultural Studies

Professor Janice Carruthers 

French Linguistics: sociolinguistics, variation, orality, temporality, corpus linguistics

Dr Fiona Clark 

Colonial Latin America; History of Medicine; Colonial Periodical Press; Eco-criticism

Dr Sarah Eardley-Weaver

Audiovisual translation; arts and media accessibility; multisemiotic communication and reception; opera translation for people with varying visual and hearing abilities

Dr Sue-Ann Harding

Translation theory and intercultural studies; Social-Narrative theory, especially sites of conflict and narrative contestation; Complexity theory; the translation of space and landscape; Russian language and Russian studies

Dr Ted(CHEN-EN) Ho

Translation and Interpreting

Dr Anne Holloway

The reception of Early Modern Spanish literature; The poetry of Golden Age Spain

Dr Tori Holmes

Brazilian cultural studies; digital culture in Brazil/Latin America; representation of urban Brazil; favelas; contemporary Brazilian film and documentary; digital ethnography

Dr Dominique Jeannerod

Popular cultures, the European literary field, the international circulation of cultural artefacts, digital humanities and big data. He was the PI in the AHRC project Visualising European Crime Fiction and leads the  International Crime Fiction Research Group

Professor David Johnston

Theory and practice of translation; translation and ethics; translation and public policy; translation for performance

Dr Geraldine Lawless
Nineteenth-century Spanish literature and culture; early Spanish science fiction; futuristic fiction; the representation of time and temporal frameworks in literature; the work of Rosa Chacel  

Dr Marcas Mac Coinnigh

[1] Irish Phraseology and Paremiology [2] Folkloristics [3] Historical Lexicography and Lexicology

Dr Maeve McCusker

Contemporary Caribbean literature in French; Postcolonial literature and theory; nineteenth century Antillean writing; Whiteness

Dr Claire Moran

19th-century French studies; Textual and Visual Studies; Modernist Poetry; Artists' Writings.

Professor Mícheál Ó Mainnín

Language and society; Irish and Scottish literature and identity; linguistic variation and change

Dr Ricki O'Rawe

Modern Latin America; Argentine Literature & Art; The Spiritual in Art; Surrealism; Occulture; The Fourth Way 

Dr Neil Sadler

Translation and the internet, social media, narrative theory, translation in the Arab world, critical theory

Dr Gabriel Sánchez Espinosa

18th-century Spanish Literature and Culture; Spanish Enlightenment; History of the Book; Spanish Memoirs and Autobiographies

Dr Ros Silvester

Contemporary French literature, including autobiography/autofiction; francophone-Chinese writing, art and film; Word and Image Studies; Transnational Studies

Professor Greg Toner

Medieval Irish literature and language; historiography; mythology; lexicography; humanities computing

Professor Margaret Topping

Professor Isabel Torres

Spanish Renaissance and Baroque Literature and Cultures; Poetics; Classical Heritage and Mythological Literature; Reader Response and Reception Studies

Dr Maria Tavares 

Postcolonial literatures and film from Portuguese-speaking Africa; Comparative Studies; Gender Studies
Biography; Representations of Heroism

Dr Anna Tristram

Sociolinguistics and socio-historical linguistics of French, especially with reference to morphosyntactic features; prescriptivism and its influence on language use; language and identity; language and gender; dialect levelling  

Dr Steven Wilson

19th-Century French Studies; Medical Humanities; Illness Narratives; Literary Representations of Contagion, Disease and the Figure of the Clinician



Mrs Karen Blemmings
School Manager
+44(0)28 9097 5309
ext 5309
Office: 101 2 University Square

Mrs Naoimh Mackel
Research and Postgraduate Administrator
+44(0)28 9097 3152
ext 3152
Office: 202 4 University Square

Ms Rosie McGookin
Education Administrator
+44(0)28 9097 3693
ext 3693
Office: 202 4 University Square


Ms Diane Spratt 
PA to Head of School
+44(0)28 9097 5309
ext 5309
Office: 01 006 2 University Square 


Mrs Lorriane Browne
School Office | Finance
+44(0)28 9097 1179
ext 1179
Office: 0G 002 2 University Square 
Miss Anne-Marie Marquess
School Office / Events & Marketing
+44(0)28 9097 3320
ext 3320
Office: 0G 002 2 University Square
Ms Maria Meehan
School Office | Events & Marketing
+44(0)28 9097 1143
ext 1143
Office: 0G 002 2 University Square
Ms Sonia Rose
School Office | Finance
+44(0)28 9097 1350
ext 1350
Office: OG 002 2 University Square


Miss Eve Andrews
Administration | Music
+44(0)28 9097 5227
ext 5227
Music Office
Office Hours:
9am-1pm, 2pm-4:30pm
Ms Jennifer Brankin
Administration | Drama Studies
+44(0)28 9097 5231
ext 5231
Reception, 21 University Sq.
Office Hours: 
9am-1pm, 2pm-4:30pm 
Ms Maria Farrell
Administration | Film Studies
+44(028 9097 5364
ext 5364
Office: Recption, 21 University Sq|
Office Hours:
9am-1pm, 2pm-4:30pm 
Ms Eleanor Ford
Administration | Music
Sonic Arts Research Centre
+44(0)28 9097 4867
ext 4829
SARC Office
Office Hours:
9am-1pm, 2pm-4:30pm 

Mrs Krista Gallagher
Student Recruitment Officer | Music
Sonic Arts Research Centre | Music Building
+44(0)28 9097 5324
ext 5324
Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9am -5pm

Ms Marian Hanna
Administration | Music
Sonic Arts Research Centre

Mr David Mahaffy
Administration | Music
Sonic Arts Research Centre
+44(0)28 9097 4867
ext 4867
Office Hours:
9am-1pm, 2pm-4:30pm 

Mrs Iris Mateer 
Administration | Music
+44(0)28 9097 5337
ext 5337
Music Building
Office Hours:
9am-1pm, 2pm-4:30pm 
Mrs. Carleen Walsh
+44(0)28 9097 3320
ext 3320
Office: Recption,2 University Sq
Monday - Thursday 9am-2pm


Ms Angela Mallon
Administration | Level Three Secretary
+44 (0) 289097 3319
ext 3319
2 University Square

Ms Elish Cowan
Administration | Level One Secretary
+44 (0) 289097 3422
ext 3422
2 University Square
Ms Linda Drain
Administration |  Postgraduate Studies Secretary
+44 (0) 289097 5103
ext 5103
2 University Square

Michael McAroe
Adminstration | French General Enquiries
+44 (0) 289097 5365
ext 5365
2 University Square


Jill Gray
Administration | Spanish & Portuguese Studies
+44 (0) 289097 5362
ext 5362
7 University Square



Dr David Bird
+44 (0) 289097 4641
ext 4641
Office: SARC

Mr Glenn Galagher
+44 (0) 289097 3856
ext 3856
Film Store, 21 University Square
Mr Craig Jackson
+44 (0) 289097 4732 
ext 4732
Office: SARC 
Mrs Paula Johnston
Film Store, 21 University Square


Mr Ross McDade
+44 (0) 289097 5299
ext 5299
Drama and Film Centre
Access via 20 University Sq. 
Ms Mary Tumelty
+44 (0) 289097 1377
ext 1377
Drama and Film Centre
Access via 20 University Sq. 


Performance Tutors

Joanne Quigley
Sarah Murphy
Jennifer Sturgeon
Paul Schumann
Paul Young
Steve Barnett
Chris Blake
Galina Crothers
Mark McGrath
Lilian Simones
Brian Conor
Donal McCrisken
Scott Flanigan (Jazz Pianist)
Voice (classical, folk and pop)
Jenny Bourke
Dr Angela Feeney
David Robertson
Debra Stuart
Ross Anderson 
Caroline Pugh 
Una McCann
Steve Davis
John McGurgan 
Phil Smith 
Kevin McCullagh 
Tristan Clutterbuck
Andrew Cavan Fyans
Pablo Sanz
Traditional Irish Music
Neil Martin