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The academic study of politics is concerned with the sources of conflict, co-operation, power and decision making within and between societies, how differences are expressed through ideology and organisation, and how, if at all, disagreements and problems are resolved. 

The Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) degree is based on the view that, to understand public phenomena, one must approach them from several disciplinary directions.

The Joint Honours Programme in International Relations and Conflict provides students with an in-depth, interdisciplinary understanding of contemporary politics, international affairs and conflict situations in their political, historical, cultural, economic and legal dimensions.


Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Queen's

International Relations and Conflict at Queen's.

Politics at Queen's

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BA International Politics and Conflict Studies
BA International Politics and Conflict Studies

“I chose Queen’s because the wide choice of modules essentially allows me to build my own degree. I enjoy the way we are taught through lectures and tutorials where we are given an overview of a topic, able to research more for ourselves, and then debate with our peers in tutorial sessions. The School is very open to the input of students and I enjoy the level of student engagement through societies and student-staff consultative committees.” 

Jessica Simonds (BA Politics)

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